Friday 14 November 2014

Lab Accident - Research

(Warning: this entry is a fair bit freakier than my regular stuff. Still, if you like my work, show your appreciation by buying a book!)

Olivia was the first to notice the changes, after the trio had picked themselves up out of the remnants of glassware and lab furniture.

An ill-advised foray into cold deuterium fusion had ended spectacularly, with the detonating reactor clearing out a large portion of the dusty old lab in which it was being constructed, along with bathing the immediate area in God-only-knew what sort of radiation from the wrong end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The 80s brickwork and solid foundation meant that at least the blast and the radiation were contained to the lab, but that meant nothing for the professor and his long-suffering graduate students in nothing more than university casual and lab coats.

Dr. Hill immediately leapt over to check over the twisted metallic corpse of 5 years painstaking research, while Olivia and Theresa were more concerned with their immediate health.

It was as Olivia brushed herself off that she felt an odd sensation, a small wave of heat passing through her body coupled with a brief moment of nausea. None of them seemed to be injured; Theresa was fixing up her clothes and her blonde hair, Dr. Hill nearly in tears over the gnarled slabs of metal that used to be his cold fusion reactor.

Olivia stepped backwards to a bench that had survived the carnage and sat down, mopping her brow as she broke out into a cold sweat. It was strange, she knew she’d been exposed to radiation, but cold sweats weren’t a part of any radiation exposure symptoms she’d ever heard of.

Heat suddenly blossomed through her chest and down the sides of her body. Fearing the worst, she looked down her blouse but was relieved to see no evidence of a burn on her pale skin. The heat grew stronger, and Olivia shuddered as she felt her body relax. It was the strangest feeling, like when taut muscles grow limp with heat or under a strong hand, but suffused through her entire torso.

She looked up to check the others weren’t looking, and gave her chest an experimental poke. It felt squishy and soft, like there wasn’t even bone underneath her finger. Her eyes went wide as a second poke saw her finger sink in down to the first joint.

The heat intensified and she suppressed a yelp. Pressure began to build behind the bizarre skin of her chest, like an overfull stomach in her tits. She saw them throb with a jiggle and bloat up. She forced herself to stay calm and put a hand on one, to confirm she wasn’t seeing things. She wasn’t.

Her mounds were burning hot, and even as she watched they swelled up more and more. She was not the most well-endowed of girls, with her scrawny body and A cups, but now her tiny tits were growing before her eyes.

She grabbed a hold of them as her cleavage ballooned up in her blouse, and nearly jumped as they tingled with pleasure. Nerves multiplied along with her titflesh, turning the feeling of growth from unpleasant to erotic.

Theresa felt the same sensations flood her body as she fixed up her hair. The same as Olivia, her body heated up, growing soft and spongy around her more generous chest and her hips. The same clammy sweat, then the same bloated feeling of pressure, and finally the growth.

Her Cs started to expand like rising bread dough until tit bulged over the lip of her tube top, and her ass swelled up underneath her pencil skirt a full two inches out with no sign of stopping.

She looked over at Olivia and realised her friend was also grappling with a pair of expanding breasts and made her way over, her tits shaking and wobbling until she cradled them in her arms.

“Olivia! What’s happening?!”

“I don’t know!” She groaned as she felt the heat spread down her legs. “We’re dealing with completely untested forms of radiation; it’s like some sort of hyper-accelerated mutation.”

Theresa moaned as her chest split her tube top right down the middle and flopped out, her bloated breasts hanging to the bottom of her ribcage with no signs of stopping.

Dr. Hill stumbled back over to the girls, nearly howling with pain. His formerly masculine face had shrunk and padded out until he looked like a young, pretty girl, his short-cropped black hair exploding out from his scalp and already cascading to his swelling hips.

The girls momentarily forgot their own condition as they saw the young researcher morph into a woman before their eyes. Breasts budded and swelled on his chest as his body shrank, but his pants were a different story.

Rather than shrinking away, his cock had exploded out of his lab slacks, shredding down the fly in nearly ten inches of thick, erect glory and continuing to grow. His balls followed suit, pushing down what was left of his pants to fit a grapefruit-sized scrotum.

“It must be feeding off the energy the reactor dumped into us! It-AHH!”

Stabs of pain issued from the sides of her ribs, a little below her armpits. She felt a few tugs at the shirt her breasts were already filling.

Feeling underneath, she gasped as she felt two soft nubs forcing their way out of the flesh. Her discovery was accompanied by a tingle from between her breasts and a feeling of movement. Looking down her shirt revealed a nipple slowly rising from the skin.

Theresa’s ass had stopped growing out, but its backwards growth had only gotten faster, and soon her cheeks burst out the back of her skirt, a little over a foot across but sticking out more than a foot and a half forming a firm, jiggly column.

Dr. Hill’s cock was still swelling, now over a foot long and as thick as a soda can. His overtaxed ballsack strained with the weight of the testicles it was being forced to hold.

Olivia screamed as suddenly the shafts growing from under her armpits erupted, tearing the shirt in half with a second pair of arms, leaving only her bulging lab coat to cover the three jostling breasts perched on her chest.

Theresa reared back as she saw the extra arms under her friend’s coat, backing up and jumping as she felt her ass bump into the wall several feet behind her.

Her cheeks wobbled and pain lanced down the swollen length of her cheeks. Two lumps of the strange squishy flesh swung down from her ass cheeks and quickly lengthened down until they formed a second pair of legs. It was like a second torso had bent over and melded with her buttocks.

Olivia clumsily plunged her lower right hand down into her pants, groping about with the unfamiliar limb. Underneath her pussy and her bloating clitoris the tops of her thighs were growing hot. She pressed them together, but when she went to pull them apart she felt resistance. A questing finger told her that her legs were starting to join together, like a closing zipper.

She tried to take a step forward and screamed as her thighs refused to move apart, sending her tumbling forward. Turning over and sitting up let her see further down her legs as they closed together right down to the toes, which sank into her feet to form a single fleshy stalk.

Her four arms wheeled and desperately scrabbled as she pulled herself back along the floor, straining hard to try and pull her legs apart. All she succeeded in doing was thrashing what could only be described as her growing tail, and sending her three breasts bounding and jiggling.

Dr. Hill screamed as all of a sudden the pressure in his sack quadrupled and it blew up like a balloon as extra sets of balls filled the low-hanging swollen pouch. He felt his innards pulse and writhe, and watched in shock as his nipples, already distended and swollen, started to grow even faster, stretching and thickening until they hung six inches away from his giant tits.

He gasped as they started to harden. His insides were still squirming as they grew. He grabbed them out of shock, tugging them, surprised at how familiar the thickening shafts felt. He fell back onto his plush, curvy butt and started tugging them rhythmically.

As his small, smooth hands gripped them they kept swelling, changing shape, the end belling and forming a ridge with a pop until his hands were not tugging swollen nipples but the smooth skin of a pair of eight-inch penises that nearly buzzed with heat and erotic tension.

As the newly-minted woman tugged at the turgid cocks that graced her wobbling breasts, she made a small choking noise, opening her mouth as another growing cock forced its way out from behind her tiny perfect teeth.

She collapsed back against the shattered bench, jacking off the cocks that sprouted from her breasts even as the one between her legs swelled unchecked and her lips stretched around the final eight-incher protruding from her mouth.

Theresa struggled clumsily on her four legs. Her equilibrium was shattered, from her new form, the weight of her breasts still growing on her chest and in no small part from the sensations from both the swollen, drooling pussies between her two pairs of legs.

Even a single one of her mutated pussies would have been churning out an unbearable amount of sensation, and two was nearly sending her out of her mind with lust. Worse, she couldn’t even reach her rear pussy to try and relieve her lust.

Her breasts gurgled and a tremor passed through them, and suddenly their growth accelerated. It felt different, though; they felt heavier, more ponderous. She shook her chest from side to side and rather than jiggling the massive mounds... sloshed.

Her nipples and areolas expanded along with her breasts until the heavy mounds were easily bigger than basketballs, capped with nipples like salt shakers. She brought a hand up to squeeze one, and along with a rush of sensation that made both of her pussies juice, a stream of thick milk squirted from the end of her nipple.

Olivia had stopped trying to pull her legs apart as the thick tail grew out and tapered off at three times the length her legs had been. She was more concerned now with the two rigid shafts spreading out from above her pussy that pulsed with her panicked heartbeat.

Touching one made her gasp, and that made her tongue flick out of her mouth. It had thinned out slightly, but stretched out absurdly to make up for it, reaching down to the top curve of her centre breast and still growing.

Reflexively she twitched her muscles, and found the whole thing curling and flicking as it trailed down her body. The twin cocks sprouting from above her tail stayed relatively thin, no more than a man’s hand around but a full foot and a half long.

Her cocks stood in stark contrast to Dr. Hill, whose massive organ swelled a full three feet away from her crotch, thick enough around that her hands together couldn’t encircle it.

One of her hands was doing its best to jerk the titanic pole as the other stroked one of her nipple cocks, but it was so rigid and the skin so firm that her slim arm could barely move it.

Olivia shuddered as a wicked idea came over her. She pulled herself forward, testing her balance on her new tail. Her cocks bobbed and shook as she experimented with motion, and settled into a reflexive slither, her body bobbing from side to side as she crawled over to Dr. Hill.

Her big eyes looked up at Olivia as her tail curled around the base of the massive stalk, Olivia’s powerful muscles able to jerk it with ease as she sat back and grinned with pointed teeth at the tiny, over-endowed girl, a twinkle in her slitted eyes.

Dr. Hill’s hand left her main penis and focused on her neglected breast, jerking each of her nipples in a back and forth rhythm. Theresa stumbled over to the tangle of mutant flesh, eyes filled with desperation. To match her two milk-laden breasts, another set of four smaller tits had grown underneath the torso that linked her rear legs, each with four thick teats that dribbled milk.

Olivia smiled again, beckoning with a long pointed-nailed hand at the humantaur girl. Theresa stepped over the two of them, facing Olivia. Her front pair of legs dropped down to plunge nearly to the hilt onto one of Olivia’s writhing cocks, while the back pair presented themselves for the meat in Dr. Hill’s mouth, his cock pushed down between her hanging udders as Olivia wrapped her tail around them instead, squishing the huge cock between them and pulling them back and forward.

An ecstatic moan rose up from the trio. Two of Olivia’s hands caressed Theresa’s gargantuan tits, placing her other cock between them and squishing them together as rivulets of milk dripped down her serpentine body. The other two hands reached behind the girl’s front legs and gripped a pair of her lower tits, squeezing out even more of her cow-slut milk.

Dr. Hill was the first to lose her control. Her body went rigid and her balls tightened painfully as, all at once, the cock in her mouth started to pump a heavy load into Theresa’s rear pussy and her other three started shooting thick, creamy loads all over the girls, particularly her main cock which pumped out gallons of the stuff.

Theresa came next, her pussies clamping up around their thick invaders and her breasts losing their entire load of milk, gushing out in a torrent over the floor and Olivia. Olivia’s orgasm arrived almost anticlimactically after the thorough and messy ones of her friends, but her tail uncurled and twitched as her twin cocks emptied their load into Theresa and all over her face

Olivia collapsed back, the full length of her body unfolding across the slimy milk and cum mixture that covered the lab floor. Dr. Hill fell back as well, her cocks finally going blessedly soft until her main cock rested across her sack onto the floor and she could finally breathe around the large dick into which her tongue had transformed. Theresa staggered back, the afterglow disorienting her until she sank to her knees, resting her still weighty breasts on a nearby fallen bench.

The bomb and hazmat squads found them this way, asleep, drained by their transformations.

Olivia and Theresa did their best to slip back into what they could cobble together of a normal life. Olivia took to using a wheelchair to hide the body of the three-breasted hermaphrodite snake goddess with which she’d been cursed, her arms and cocks hidden under baggy sweaters, wearing cosmetic contacts and smiling rarely.

Theresa had no choice but to bear the stares and shocked whispers as she walked her cumbersome humantaur body through the streets.

Even more debilitating than their appearances though were the demands of their mutated bodies. Both girls were shockingly sensitive – Olivia’s entire body had become an overactive erogenous zone, and while Theresa wasn’t as sensitive all over all six of her bloated breasts tingled with sensation and her pussies were on hair triggers.

Waking up usually involved an hour of sex for the pair before they could even think. They very quickly worked out a favoured position; Olivia would slide under the four-legged Theresa, pushing one cock up into her rear pussy, letting her udders droop around the other with a pair of arms to push them together for a creamy tit-fuck. Her serpentine tongue would then work away at Theresa’s front pussy while her other two arms rubbed and squeezed her larger main breasts.

Even more demanding was that every four hours, like clockwork, Theresa required milking or her breasts would swell up even more, becoming tight and hard with milk, and while with a bit of effort she could bring down her front breasts, the udders adorning her lower body were almost impossible to get to, requiring the tender care of Olivia’s four hands to drain them dry in an escapade that invariably ended in a sloppy, milky fuck.

As for Dr. Hill, she retreated to her house, shutting herself off completely and living off delivered groceries. The bulk of her spare time was spent furiously masturbating, but it was like fighting the hydra; the erotic sensations from her cocks were not linked, and an orgasm from one did nothing for the other three.
She could jerk both nipple cocks, or one of those and her tongue, or use both hands to slowly but desperately tug at the tree trunk between her legs, but she couldn’t bring off all four at once, and had spent the week since the accident in a permanent state of arousal that threatened to drive her mad. She simply couldn’t bring herself off on her own, and even if she could find some way of covering her body to go outside unnoticed, the thought of losing herself to her arousal again outside, or worse, her tongue-cock becoming hard in public, terrified her.

She forced herself to overcome the sensations to spend brief ten minute periods examining her notes and pottering about in her garage before giving in to the urge to masturbate again. If the city was closed to her, and she couldn’t change back, maybe the city was what needed to change...

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